WM – I am not sure if I am doing this correctly?

(the posting part for sure)

I would like to thank you for your posts about diet and biking and starving.  Until reading your blog, I really never thought i could do it.  i am not as nuts as you are (i think) but i have been counting calories and paying attention to what i eat since last Thursday.  I took it seriously on Saturday and today I have lost 3 pounds in four days and feel great.  Since my goal is to lose 8lbs by January 1, that’s pretty damn good!  I am stoked!  i am on my way to rid the pooch in the middle.  It is amazing how three pounds makes a difference.  Image

How do you lose weight after a ride?  I am my lowest weight in the morning, so i don’t dare get on the scale but once a day: as soon as I wake up.  I have had consistent foods.  Tonight i am hungry, I have to admit, but i refuse to eat this late at night.  I screwed up dinner by nibbling on various little things like olives, cherry tomatoes, apple, little tofu – it seemed i could not figure out how to count the calories.  I am sure I am way under today, as i did a ride and ate little.  If nothing else, you have taught me to pay attention and say no to the crap food i do not need.

I have some big races coming up this year, so I cannot lose endurance, muscle or speed, so I know I need to be careful with what I am eating and making every calorie count! 

Thank you!  


About cmparrish

Breast cancer survivior; multiple myeloma survivor - two bone marrow transplants! Mountain bike warrior
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